Your mushrooms are preparing for takeoff! 🚀 Please allow 1-3 weeks for your mushrooms to travel to your home. 🍄

Blue Oyster Grow Kit

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Shipping Lead Times: We are growing our mushrooms especially for you and do our best to get your orders out as quickly as possible! ✨ Our grow kits are living organisms (we think of them like a pet) and can take a few weeks to grow before they are ready to travel to your home. We can’t wait for you to begin your growing journey! 🍄

Grow your own Blue Oyster mushrooms! Blue Oysters are healthy, delicious, and a lot of fun to grow. All you need is a spray bottle filled with water, a rubber band, and a clean, sharp knife. 

You can name them (like a little mushroom pet) share pics of them with us on Instagram, and then eat them. It's awesome.